Playlist 18: Festival Distorsion Montreal

A playlist handmade from the team!

Festival Distorsion is a new music festival and it will be held from the 12th to the 15th of May in Montreal, QC. This new psychedelic festival took his inspiration from Levitation festival based in Austin, TX and Levitation Vancouver, BC. To catch a glimpse of what you could experience there, here a playlist handmade from the team who build this festival.

Shoeclack in partnership with festival Distorsion in Montreal decided to give you an overview of what the festival will offer in two weeks. To do so, we decide to put a small playlist of 20 songs. We wanted this playlist to be unique and so we ask everyone from Distorsion festival to give us their favourite songs from the lineup. We wanted to present every person from the team with his role but this happened:

” When asked about their respective roles amongst the collective, it was unfortunately impossible to decipher anything clearly since it seemed as though the public relation’s mysterious figure on the other end of the line decided to put on a multitude of effects pedals and modules, positively obliterating their HQ’s telephone signal to a pulp.”
– Max, Co-Founder of Distorsion.

Here is the playlist and under it, you have every member of the team with their choice:


1. Raccoon fighter – Hot Wire
2. Atsuko Chiba – Tidings
3. Technical Kidman – Try

1. I.D.A.L.G. – Cette Chose bouffe ma tête
2. Eliza – Little Bono’s Kingdom
3. Crosss – LO

1. Paul Jacobs – I’m into what you’re into
2. The High Dials – Open up the gates
3. Uubbuurruu – I don’t mind

1. Adam Strangler – Confusion
2. I.D.A.L.G. – Post-Dynastie
3. Pawa Up First – In a hurry to Howhere

1. Paul Jacobs – Human Emotion
2. Adam Strangler – Strange Luvv
3. Pawa up First – Under A Blinding Bean Of Light

1. UUBBUURRUU – Radio Waves
2. CROSSS – Golden Hearth

1. Racoon Fighter – Mr Cool
2. Uubbuurruu – Laying in an Angel Corpse
3. Pawa Up First – We Swear it was self defence

We hope this playlist will make you buy your tickets for the festival and you will go enjoy some of the best rock and psychedelic music right here in Montreal from the 12th to the 15th of May. All the details for the festival can be found here and you can RSVP the the Facebook Event and tickets can be found here!

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