Shoeclack’s Staff Picks – what not to miss at Osheaga 2016

Shoeclack's advice for Osheaga 2016

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gents: Osheaga will be upon us this weekend, and around 45,000 are expected to trek to Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène in Montreal each day from July 29 to July 31. We here at Shoeclack are looking forward to this weekend just as much as anyone else is, and with that, our team has at least one act we’re looking forward to seeing this weekend. Without further ado, here’s what each team member wants to see the most at this year’s edition of Osheaga.

12065893_10153741448741514_4331239888771604577_n1. Alexia Marsillo – Blog (MTL)

Daughter – Saturday 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM – Scène de la Montagne

Why: Their fan base has been really growing over the years, and rightfully so – Daughter combines some sweet sounding melodies with intense and deep lyrics. The indie-folk trio comprised of front runner Elena Tonra from England and Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella from France are sure to put on a great set at Osheaga that will make you feel a wide range of emotions.

Foals – Sunday 3:55 PM – 4:45 PM – Scène de la Montagne

Why:  After initially planning a hiatus, Foals has recently revealed that they don’t plan on slowing down and will start work on their fifth album almost immediately after their touring dates. Their hit Mountain at my Gates is just one perfect example of the English indie rock band’s capability of producing really catchy songs for everyone to enjoy while also maintaining depth and authenticity. They also haven’t played a show in Montreal in quite some time now – a Osheaga festival vibe is surely where they will shine and make their presence known.

11817202_10155898037945023_8806159436578049554_n2. Micheal Vipond – Blog (TO)

July Talk – Saturday 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM – Scene de la Riviere

July Talk boasts one of the most electrifying live sets of any band on the festival circuit this year. From insane stage antics to the awesome contrast between vocalists Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay, they have an on-stage chemistry that is simply unmatched. No two sets are the same, but they are always high-energy. Be prepared for some hardcore blues/rock fans singing as loud as they can. Plus, the band is due to release their sophomore album in September, so they’re sure to play a ton of new material.

Dear Rouge – Friday 4:10 PM – 4:45 PM – Scene Des Arbres

Dear Rouge – another Canadian band from Vancouver – combine slick guitar leads with wailing vocals to create pop/rock music that is sure to get the crowd dancing. With a ton of hit singles on Canadian radio, this afternoon set is sure to be a huge sing-a-long dance party. Husband and wife duo Drew and Danielle McTaggart bring a seamless chemistry to the stage, and their crowd interaction makes every show feel intimate. 

13406853_10153715973205875_841645153478436091_n3. David MacIntyre – Blog (MTL)

Skepta – Sunday 4:55 PM – 5:40 PM – Scène Verte

More than half a decade after grime’s ascent to popularity in the U.K., Skepta seems to have accomplished what Dizzee Rascal before him couldn’t: make the genre a commodity around the world, particularly in North America. While he was denied a work visa in the States to perform at Coachella in April, he’ll hopefully make it to Montreal in time for Osheaga this weekend, and it’ll be a rowdy occasion when he does – his hard-hitting, aggressive style of hip hop has made waves on both shores, and his excellent new album Konnichiwa has received plenty of acclaim from critics. It’ll be interesting to see how his live show holds up to the tenacity of what he puts on tape.

Disclosure – Sunday 7:40 PM – 8:50 PM – Scène de la Montagne

Their sophomore album Caracal from last year may have been met with some ambivalence from fans and critics, but I, for one, think they knocked it out of the park. Although their current musical output isn’t as firmly entrenched in deep house as their older material, Guy and Howard Lawrence continue to find inspiration through new sounds and reinvent themselves little by little, and it’s helped the brother duo become more diverse both as producers and performers. Their live sets are a sight to behold, and a main stage set at Osheaga should set the tone for yet another great set from the two.

martinresized4. Martin Bertrand – Founder

Radiohead – Sunday 8:50 PM – 10:50 PM – Scène de la Rivière

C’est un rêve de jeunesse de voir Radiohead en live. La dernière fois qu’ils sont venus à Montréal, en 2012, je n’habitais pas encore la Métropole et je n’avais pas été capable d’y aller. Je suis plus un fan des albums récents et je trouve que le dernier album est excellent. C’est probablement la seule raison pour laquelle Osheaga garde son titre de plus important festival au Canada encore cette année.

Mura Masa – Saturday 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM – Scène Piknik Électronik

Moins connu du grand public, ce producteur anglais m’a fait vivre une panoplie d’émotions cet automne au Canadian Music Week. Depuis ce temps, j’attends impatiemment le moment de le revoir en live. Si vous ne connaissez pas encore son travail, allez vite le découvrir pour ce weekend.

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