All the big conflicts at Osheaga this year!

Big conflicts ahead!

Osheaga just announced their time schedule for the weekend. Every year it’s the same thing. When the detailed schedule is out you start crying over those big conflicts. All your favourite bands playing the same time. Here a small rundown.


Conflict #1
Oh Wonder VS Dear Rouge  – 4:10PM to 4:55PM  

Both exactly at the same time so you’ll need to choose. Both are upcoming bands with a dreamy pop vibe and you should see them in Montréal some time soon. Dear Rouge should be more rock but Oh Wonder should give you a perfect indie/festival vibe. I would choose Oh Wonder since they are from London, UK and Dear Rouge are from Vancouver.

Conflict #2
Vince Staples VS Lapsley – 9:00PM to 9:55PM

Those two are definitely not in the same league in terms of their music. Of course if you are a rap fan there is no doubt with Vince Staples. If you like pop music do not miss Lapsley. But both of them pulled out an amazing album in their music genre. I will probably try to make it to half of both.

Conflict #3
Red Hot Chili Peppers VS Flume  (Headliners)

Nostalgia against new era. Rock vs EDM. Thos 2 big names just released their new album recently and in festivals they will play only their big hits! This will not be easy for a lot of Osheaga fans. On my side, because I’m a lot on the road, I’ll probably see Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Festival d’Été de Québec in July. So we’ll go with Flume at Osheaga.

Friday Osheaga


Conflict #1
July Talk VS Hiatus Kaiyote – 2:30PM/2:45PM to 3:15PM/3:25PM

It’s been a wild that we saw July Talk in Montreal and with their new album coming soon it’s gonna be fresh and new. On the other side, the Australian Hiatus Kaiyote are rarely in Montreal. I just saw July Talk at Field Trip in TO so it will be Hiatus Kaiyote for me. If you feel rock go to July Talk and if you’re more in an RnB vibe, I would suggest Hiatus!

 Conflict #2
Daughter VS Lucius – 3:15PM/3:25PM to 4:00PM/4:10PM

Both new album are great. Lucius will definitely be more energetic and have this festival vibe. But Daughter’s new album is just insane and I missed her at the Theatre Corona last time she came to Montreal. So, on my side it will be Daughter.

Conflict #3
Lana Del Rey VS Future VS Todd Terje & the Olsens (Headliners)

3 different kinds of music but still 3 names that you want to see if you have an Osheaga pass. Every time I saw Lana (2 times), it was awfully bad and the sound was horrible. So a part of me want to give her a last chance. On the other side, Future is there for all the hip-hop fans out there. With his new album EVOL, he will probably turn up the crowd. Todd Terje is probably the underdog here but the Norwegian Dj has a good crowd for himself. Shoeclack is still undecided on this one.



Conflict #1
VS The Strumbellas VS Dilly Dally – 4:00Pm to 4:55PM

If you are not a die-hard fan of Foals, you may have the time to watch 2-3 songs of them and then choose between those two Canadians bands. You have Strumbellas on the folk side with their new radio hit “Spirits” and on the other hand, you have the loud rock of Dilly Dally. Both of them from Ontario. Since I’ve seen Strumbellas and Dilly Dally plenty of time I will probably stay at Foals.

Conflict #2
Leon Bridges VS Skepta VS Rüfüs Du Sol – 4:45PM to 5PM

Soul vs Rap vs EDM go with your feeling this day. All three of them are great performers. They all came to Montreal kind of recently so maybe you have seen one of them? I would suggest going with another one this time because the festival is also there to discover new things. On my side I will probably do part of Leon Bridges and Rufus.

Conflict #3
Radiohead VS …

There is no band that can compete against that!! Sorry to Dead Obies they are great and amazing live but still, it’s Radiohead. We don’t even talk about Tory Lanez…


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